Little Planet

We inhabit the earth as a flat plane bound as we are to its surface by gravity.  Relative to the size of the earth, our walls are vertical and perpendicular to the ground and yet still parallel to one another. Appearing from deep space, LITTLE PLANET is a portion of a small, subdivided sphere that shares the relationship of wall to ground with earth but alters one variable, the scale of the sphere. This shift in scale induces a playful sense of vertigo as standard walls and doorways seem to splay in various directions, awkwardly adjusting to the steep curvature.

The folly in architecture has always toyed with scale, at times to appear to be something more and sometimes something less. It’s a tricky game.  What looks to be a large temple in the distance becomes a miniature one up close. LITTLE PLANET is a trip through the big end of the opera glass, where the scale shift forces a new interpretation of use or occupation out of the reversal of set formal and functional relationships— that of the wall, the door, and the floor—we often take for granted. The original follies were all form no function, whereas on LITTLE PLANET function now follows form. We invite you to use it as you see fit.