Retrospective City

On view as part of Come In at A+D (Architecture + Design Museum, Los Angeles).
June 19th-August 31st 2014.

Retrospective City is a model city that grows out of a series of drawings called The Village where common objects have been transformed into functional building types as suggested by their forms. In The Village a cordless telephone becomes a high-rise apartment building, a button becomes an office complex, an open book becomes a big box super market and together these object buildings comprise a small community. The Village is a meditation on a surreal scalar flexibility. In Retrospective City, a related urbanism comes to life in a rigid urban grid. Each each city block is a single building and each building a familiar object, a facsimile of an object, or a model. Scale shifts and slippages between architectural readings, object readings, model readings, and reference occur block to block. Retrospective City is located somewhere between City of the Captive Globe, the Panorama of the City of New York (a scale model of New York City) and dreaming of a new Los Angeles.

Second photo courtesy of Tom Bonner.