Collector's Renovation (back)

Under Construction. Los Angeles, CA.

A reworking of the primary spaces of a 1928 Spanish Revival Bungalow in Los Angeles to create a vibrant living room, dining room, entertaining kitchen and a multifunctional butler's pantry, laundry suite and household task desk from a warren of cramped rooms. The new layout is carefully calibrated for the art collector client to live along side her favorite works throughout the house. A palette of black and white in the new kitchen and butler's pantry plays on the white box of the gallery and black box of the theater to evoke the new public nature of these rooms as display spaces. In the living and dining room the new furnishings and textiles offer a softer alternative—muted and saturated colors—partners to the art hung in the large room and perfect lounging.


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C.W. Howe

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