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GALLERY ATTACHMENT was an architectural intervention in the City of Los Angeles constructed out of the debris and discarded elements of the contemporary physical and cultural environment. Through the re-composition and de-saturation of these elements, Gallery Attachment re-calibrates everyday objects into new architectural potentials. The installation invites viewers to mingle and explore the piece from the inside allowing for a seeing and re-seeing of the component’s characteristics and the construction of the whole. Gallery Attachment appropriates a parking lot as a landscape for play and contemplation.

Across the street As Builts at Jai & Jai Gallery was a corresponding show that documented the individual parts of Gallery Attachment. While Gallery Attachment is conceived as a one-to-one construction, As Builts is a show of drawings and models. Rather than the contents of a gallery as material to be displayed and appreciated, this content is raw material that is yet to be assembled.

GALLERY ATTACHMENT was produced as part of World Wide Storefront, a Storefront for Art and Architecture project. Additional support was provided by the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design and The John Chase Memorial Fund.


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Andrew Kovacs

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