WELCOMECOMPANIONS, A Line of Accessories (back)

WELCOMECOMPANIONS is a design project that reinterprets everyday sartorial accessories and objects through a formal and surrealist lens. The project seeks to inject a sense of play, suspense and narrative into the objects we interact with and depend on on a daily basis. It suggests the novelty that in our accessories, function is not wholly dependent on utilitarian form.

Launched in 2011 WELCOMECOMPANIONS has been featured in numerous publications including Vogue.com,Paper Magazine, Vogue Italia, Elle Italia, Newsweek, Marie Claire Italia, Lucky Magazine and Nylon Magazine among others. WELCOMECOMPANIONS have been sold in boutiques in Los Angeles, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Sydney, and Hong Kong. They are designed and made in limited editions in Los Angeles.

Visit the whole collection and shop at www.welcomecompanions.com.


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